Term and Conditions

Welcome to Kathak Dance Company, New Zealand’s only Jaipur Gharana Kathak Dance Classes. All classes are once a week, on a 10-week term basis.  

Class Code of Conduct

For our classes to run successfully, we need to create a safe and fun environment for all. Everyone will be expected to follow the rules set out by our tutors. 

  • Please turn off your phones or put them on silent mode during class.
  • All students must be barefoot. Students must remove their footwear and socks in a corner. 
  • All students must wear Indian attire (a kurta with any active pants) andcarry a dupatta (scarf) 
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your class and have the ghungroos on before class start time. 
  • Please carry a notebook, pen, and bottle of water with you at all times.
  • Hair must always be tied up.
  • No accessories, such as watches, long ear rings,or bangles, can be worn during class  


  • Class fees are $250 for a term – of 10 classes. We do not offer “casual”paying terms.
  • Fees are to be paid before the start of the term unless arranged and approved by Purnima or Basant Madhur.
  • Please notify your tutor if you cannot make it to a class at least six hours before the lesson via text.
  • We have a rolling enrollment policy; hence, you will be loaded onto our following terms class list, and fees will be due in the first week unless you contact Purnima or Basant Madhur to opt out of classes.
  • Term dates will be communicated to you in advance.
  • Public holidays are observed and accounted for within the fee structure.
  • Fees that are left unpaid by the second class of the new term will incura late payment fee of $10.
  • Classes missed due to holidays – If you foresee a period of absence dueto planned holidays, please arrange the fee options with Purnima or Basant Madhur before the beginning of the term.
  • If classes are canceled due to a pandemic or natural disaster, No Credits or Refunds are offered. Arrangements will be made for students to receive class content. 

Please note:

Fees are not refund able if the student is sick or unable to attend any class for any reason. Students may be moved to a different class from their preferred choice if the tutor feels they are better suited to another class. You may pay fees in cash or through bank transfer. If the students have not paid their fees by the due date, they will not be allowed to attend the class. The prices DO NOT cover costume hire, costume accessories, costume alterations/repairs, extra rehearsals, performances within/outside of Auckland, or show tickets if the student is chosen to perform.  

Other Fees 

This fee covers costume hire, and costume accessories are non-refundable. Extra rehearsals/performances within/outside of Auckland, show DVDs, or tickets if the student is chosen to perform are NOT covered by this fee. Annual costume hire fee must be paid before participating in any event as advised by tutors. After each performance, all costumes, props, and accessories must be returned in the same condition they were initially provided. Failure to do that may result in an extra charge. We will add another small f If the costume or costume accessories are lost, damaged, or stolen, the student will have to payfull amount for the costume or the accessory to replace the item. 


It is highly important that students provide their correct contact information foreffective communication. The student must ensure that messages via emails or WhatsApp are received. If students are under 18 years of age, parents will need to take full responsibility.  

Conflict of Interest

Asa student of Kathak Dance Company (KDC), it’s essential to refrain from regularly attending any other Kathak Dance Schools aside from ours. We prioritize offering comprehensive training and unique opportunities to foster confidence. While we understand the availability of various workshops in Auckland and encourage exploring different learning avenues, we request that you inform Purnima in advance if you plan to attend workshops outside of KDC,as a mark of respect. This transparent communication allows us to support your growth within the broader dance community effectively. Our curriculum provides a wide range of exposure, including stage performances and community events. Please note that choreography created at KDC is our intellectual property, so permission must be sought before use. Additionally, former students must obtain approval to perform choreography developed during their time at KDC.


KDC reserves the right to change fees or time table without prior notice. However,we will endeavour to inform parents and caregivers of any changes as soon as possible. From time to time we will take photos and videos of students in class. These will be used to send you the practice videos.  We may also take pictures and videos for advertising purposes to be used on social media, websites, and print. By enrolling your child in our Dance School, you acknowledge that photos and videos may be taken and used for this purpose.Please get in touch with us if this is not okay with you.  Kathak Dance School reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time to benefit the business, staff, or participants. Health and Safety are our priority. However, Kathak Dance Co or Sargam School of Indian Music will not be liable for any injuries during classes, rehearsals, orshows. For further queries, please contact kathakdanceco@outlook.co.nz orcall 0210720101 


KathakDance Company maintains the right to dismiss any student who breaches the stated terms and conditions, damages property, or causes severe class disruptions. The decision is at the discretion of the directors.  

Agreement to the terms and conditions

Students must acknowledge their acceptance of the terms and conditions by checking the relevant box during the online application. The form cannot be submitted until the acceptance box has been checked.